My To-do List

1. Try to wake up each morning with positive outlook
2. Look out the window
3. Laugh about at least one thing each day
4. Exercise
5. Write down my inspiring thoughts
6. Think about people I love
7. Notice the sunshine
8. Read
9. Dream about a bright future
10. Smile at children
starzzy31 starzzy31
26-30, F
5 Responses Jun 16, 2012

That's a nice list

How about actually doing something besides looking good and thinking really hard? :)

well I expected that to be obvious, we all think of the practical things we have to do, but I was making a point that sometimes we are so caught up in those things we miss the other good things in life!!!

The title threw me off then. :)

You have already made my day, your list is very inspiring thak you.

I love your list...copy and paste for myself :} Thanks for posting.

It's a great list! really positive! Dan x