Finding Happiness In Your Life Can Take A Many Years Of Work !

Happiness has to come from within. I have taken many years to now say that I am living a happy life.

I have now started to work with disabled adults and children and I have to say that despite their difficulties, most seem to be living a very happy life. This may be because some do not have the day to day difficulties that others have, I am not sure. People have to work hard to find happiness in their lives and overcome the day to day problems that most of us have to face.

In my experience the world sets us challenges which we have to face. If we do not deal with these effectively, they tend to always come back again to bite us harder than the last time.

Goals are important also. If we know where we want to get to in life, then we must expect to get things come up in our lives which threaten our aims. If we treat these as challenges then it makes it easier to deal with the things standing in the way of our goal. That said ! I believe that it is how you treat the journey to your goal that is most important. You can make this journey enjoyable or not depending on your attitude. Don't you agree?

In order to make that journey as easy and enjoyable as possible I have made a list of key Do's on my website which I at least attempt to abide by in order to live a happy life.

I would be grateful for your comments?

Thanks Mike Leggett
mgrleggett mgrleggett
51-55, M
Sep 8, 2012