To Be Happy Is My Dream....

Till now i was never been happy in my life because of my sensitive character. i never depend on external happiness... i want to be happy from internal, i just dont want a artificial smile on my face, i want a smile which comes from my heart.... am struggling to find my internal happiness.... i wish i find that before my breath stops.....
vachya vachya
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Helping people to understand the true nature of happiness is my mission in life.
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You are right on track, because you understand that happiness is an inside job! Keep on looking inside. Happiness is buried within. It's your responsibility to dig it out, and this can be a lot of fun! Leilani Darling, Life Coach

I am sadden inside too but able to cover that sadness by going on with my everyday routine and I want to feel happy again inside and out without going deeper into depression and enjoy life and have a happy life with the road ahead :) I am still trying everyday to feel good.. I don't know what exactly it is, but it sucks high time...I cant figure myself out... sometimes when I become happy the next minute I have all these weird negative thinking.. i hate it...

Hi there Vachya.. Im used to be a very happy man.. But I was diagnosed with a disease and since then I havent been able to be as happy as I was.. And the thing is that I miss myself, I miss the person I was. But that changed a couple a months ago, when I realized that even if it sounds very "mainstream" or some catch phrase.. You only live once. Try to do something that you like, by doing that you are distracting yourself from your current state of emotion. I would reccomend some music, because music can change your emotion like nothing else!

Or if you want to talk with somebody just message me, also try to do some excersice or watch a tv serie that you like.. Maybe a comedy? Something you could laugh and smile.


i wish let you find your happiness very soon and live happily dear....:-)

Thank u :-)

All happiness comes from the external..... but the joy you get internally must come from the One who alone can give it to you, and that is knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Being in a saving relationship with Christ doesn't mean your life will be better, but it means that you have the hope that your faith in Him alone gives you to weather this life and know you are forgiven when you leave this life and entering into the next.....He's that peace in the storm, but you need to acknowledge how your rebellion against God required the cross to bear His wrath and judgement before you can know His love and mercy.

John 3:3-16

thank u

Anytime my friend. And you may message me if you ever want to talk :) Pete