Maybe "Find" Is the Wrong Word

I forget the actual origin of my belief, but I remember being taught at some point that happiness is not something you can obtain. It's not a commodity that can be bought or bartered. It's not something you can win in a contest. It's not some kind of prize. Rather, it is something that happens to you. It's a by-product of living a good life, and reaching worthwhile goals. If your only goal is to find happiness, you're doomed never to experience it.

The other thing I've found is that happiness is supposed to be a transient thing.  I think it's impossible to be continuously happy, unless perhaps you're mentally ill or brain-damaged from a stroke or head trauma. Neither can you store hoard happiness, and hope to save it up for when times get tough.

I guess the trick is to recognize that what you need in order to be happy is to figure out specifically what you want out of life.  Happiness in of itself is way too abstract and ephemeral a goal.
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1 Response May 10, 2007

So true and well said. I relate to your logic.