I think i am getting happier. Not as depressed anyway. Got a job. Got rid of the people in my life that are ****. Kept the people i love in my life really close. Doing more.

So. I kinda thought i don't really want to die without doing the 'to do before i die' list- and i have actually done- none- of them now. Yeah. So- i really need to start doing them.

I really just need to lose weight so i can feel more happy and confident. And then i would also be physically fitter so i can do more of the things on my before i die list!

I want to watch all the harry potter movies in one day (19 hours- it will be hard uh)
I want to go skydiving
I want to climb mountains and take lots of pretty pictures an have fun
Fall in love
Go to America, Australia and Japan.
Go camping
Get tattoos and a few more piercings
Road trip!
Swim with some sort of sea-animal (NOT FISH)
Bungee jump of a bridge

I probably have more i've just forgot...
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Sounds like a good start. You can go ahead and start while you healthy ....and you're bound to feel more invigorated by meeting those goals.