trying to find it out there for me? i mean really?  or have i done too many immoral things for life to be kind to be any longer?
karma has already knocked me on my @$$ this the beginning of a h3llacious period of everything sucking @ss?  is happiness just not in the cards for me?

i'm almost 33...unemployed for over a year now, unemployment ran out 3 months ago, completely broke--borrowing money from my parents that they don't even have, single mom...trying to survive.  fortunately i've been able to receive various forms of assistance...but i'm still struggling.  can't pay the phone bill, internet bill, utilities are a stretch...going out is nearly impossible anymore...and that's the only thing i had to look forward to.  but now, with no phone, soon to have no internet, no one will be able to even get a hold of me to go out anyway.  and my "friends" aren't they type to swing by and see how things are going.  which is sad.  so i can't even be happy with my friend situation either

i don't think it's in the cards for me anymore
KinkyFlower KinkyFlower
31-35, F
Jan 29, 2013