Stop Looking

Since I discovered this site I've written on many topics - I'm a writer - so it's pretty natural.  It's also fun.  Some topics were challenging, this one isn't.  The easy way to start is by ruling out the places most people look.  Money, drugs and alcohol, status, the approval of others, a love relationship, a perfect physique, an imported car.  First, reduce your expectations to zero.  Then, eliminate any feelings of entitlement you have.  Then adopt a profound sense of gratitude for what you have, however imperfect it may be.  Then, try to be of service to others whenever possible, with no expectation of recompense.  Then, really understand yourself.  Then, forgive yourself and love yourself as you are, not in a vain way, but as the creation of a power greater than you.  Then, learn to really enjoy being yourself, shamelessly, in the full understanding that you are bringing something unique to the party.  Better still, allow others to enjoy and admire you.  Eliminate secrets, live a transparent life.  Do all that, and I guarantee you will be happy.  If you want to read more about my experience with happiness, go to
p.s.  Laughing at yourself - instead of others - really helps a lot too.  
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Very very wise words. Have you happened to read "the Art of Loving" by Erich Fromm ?

Isn't the "rinse & repeat" step just a way to sell more Buddhism?

El -- But what about searching for the perfect pizza? That won't bring me happiness?

My life's philosophy and a book plug - all in one post. All those months on EP have really helped me hone my craft! ;- )

"Transparent life"<br />
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I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Like someone is looking over your shoulder at all times.

Spoken like someone who truly practices what he preaches.