Let Go

True happiness can only be found within. Actually, there is no need to do anything, to be anyone or to have anything.

Happiness happens when you become nothing, when you become empty, when you get out of your mind - happiness happens when you go into deep silence, when you move within.

That's all! It's simple but not easy, emptying your mind might take time effort... and some frustrations might have to be overcome before you get there, but it's really worth it


rspadi1 rspadi1
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3 Responses Jul 2, 2007

Perspective helps. Like, what's really important? What isn't? Alcohol and drugs pay out up front, but cost in the long run. They don't solve problems, they just obscure them for a while. Then they bring along problems of their own. They say that when you're busy helping somebody else it's hard to be consumed by your own problems.

I agree with SODITZY. How?

Where does one start to even begin to empty a mind so full of crap it threatens to burst at any minute...any tips? please! :)