PLEASE Read This Story I Need Advice

hi im jordanne this is real everything that im saying and i need help please i need advice. so i'll just go on.

i was inlove with this guy his name is brandon.he was my first person i ever had sex with.when im around him i feel so good except the fact that i don't know if he thinks of me the same as i think of him. it was killing me for days if he ever wanted to have a relationship with friends say i have a really good chance,and i wanted to believe that too so bad.and one day i just couldn't take it i wanted to know what was in his head and to know if i should just leave him alone. so i wrote to him on myspace.and he replied to the message and he told me that.i don't have to leave him alone im just not his type as far as being his girlfriend.and i admit it really hurt my feelings cause i was starting to believe that he did like me but he was only too shy to tell me what he really felt about me.and before i wrote to him i said to my self that if he didn't want me.i was gonna give up on love forever because i can't picture no one else in my life but i started to feel some way about my self.and began sleeping around.and loving every bit of it because 1 my body neeed it and 2 maybe i'll get over him by doing so. and every where i go i would see him.and he'll still have that look on him as if hes so innocent.but now i just don't know where im going i feel like im in the middle so i'd either just go up or trying to find happiness but in the end you need someone of your own.i don't know what to do right now.please tell me what you think it would mean alot to me.

Jordanne Jordanne
18-21, F
Aug 4, 2007