hapiness is a cold beer on a hot day

Of course I am trying to find hapiness....isnt that why I'm here ??  I'm trying to find it because i keep losing it.... dang it. I know I put it somewhere.

Arghh I know....If i dont look for hapiness, will hapiness find me.... Yes ? 

So I'll have a nice cold beer & think about it.  <shhhclick>  golp golp  arhh  Now thats better....

Nothing like trying to find hapiness.

**************** UPDATE *************************************

This one came up months ago on the daily interveiw... I thought it was funny then

GAWD.... was that the last time i had a cold beer.... geeper's .... anyway...

What was i saying ?  oh yeah... trying to find happiness .. oh wouldnt you just know it... i lost my train of thought... Hate it when that happens..... 


caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
Jan 21, 2007