My Dad

i think my dad is over protected of me because of the s*it i went through but i can't take it any more i fell that i am i kid and this is hurting me inside i talked to my one aunt about this she said i should talk to my counselor next week about this. i will. I hate putting other people's feelings 1st and not mine. My dad talks me into things that when we are done talking about what ever it is then afterwords i think about what i did. I know he loves me and wants to the best for me but i can't take it anymore. I make every1 else happy and not me! After I talk to my counselor I'm going to talk to him it's going to be hard for me i don't think that he will get mad but he just needs to tone it down a bit. I'm glad he is in my life cuz that's all i know but i don't think he knows what's its doing to me and how i am felling. I know if i don't tell him in any station he will just hump on it and i can't take that cuz i have anitxe and if he keeps doing that i might do what i did in the past and that's not good.
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I don't get it all,seems like alot of history mixed up in your present,good luck,jbhmmm......