To Anyone Who Is Feeling Sad

Everyone encountered  one problem or another in his/her life, but does that mean life is worthless. No it is not, at least not for me,

I consider life as the place where am supposed to be worshipping my god in the best way, isn't it the heaven that we all want to go to. Whether or not you are a christian, jewish, or Muslim. Don't you believe in your faith with the thinking of it as he right religion which will end you up to heaven?

What makes you feel that sure, that your religion is the right one, no offenses, but as a Muslim, I don't hate anyone for his race or color, or religion, but hate people for what they do. I don't hate Americans because US has invaded Iraq or afghanistan under the name of human rights, do you know why because people differ, what seems ok for this person, might not be ok for another one.


Islam is totally agaist raping, and terrorism, or killing innocents; but still many people believe it preaches violence and abuse, why when America does it it is a matter of human rights, and when the world, or Muslims do it, it is violence and terrorism?


If it hurts you US to see your nation dying, doesn't what you do and the whole world to Muslims, wouldn't that make us sad and angry? Do not justify your action, and when it comes to other nation blame them to be spreading terrorism.


Do you know for why despite of this we are strong, because we believe in the most meciful god, I do feel the happiness I get when obeying Allah, and feel the dissatisfaction of disobeying Allah. I live with a purpose, which is worshipping Allah and obeying him, with the goal of getting to Jannah, the heaven Allah has prepared for Muslims who believe that there is no true god, but Allah, and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.

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I'm not proud to be muslim

I'm proud to be a muslim too..