Life Is Not So Much About Finding Yourself As It Is About Creating Yourself.

I saw that quote (or perhaps I paraphrased it) on a mug and loved it. I've been trying to figure out all the little details about me and that quote made me realize there is more to it. I can find the things I like, but I also get to decide how to do it and where I'm going. I essentially create myself into whomever I choose to be. It seems a lot less complicated than finding that person I "am" or "should be".

It sounds great but I don't know where to start. I'm thinking I should focus on creating some stability in my life and doing things that make me happy. I should make ME happy! (thought it deserved repetition).

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Interesting conversations...Thanks for the story, means alot. :)

Have you noticed that we all create myths about ourselves and how difficult it is not to do so. For example the teacher who continues to be didactic outside of the classroom or the social worker who continues to counsel and analyse beyond that of the role or those who resort to crime to bolster their image; and the list is inexhaustible.<br />
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The teacher may teach and the social worker may counsel so how do those traits differ from the criminal? They don't; each is trying to prove to themselves and to the world at large that they are ob<x>jects of worth. Like those with doctorate degrees who find themselves unable to drop the title when socialising.<br />
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If you want to discover what you are rather than who you are (there should be no necessity for this latter point) then view all those props to your life, including what you do when the boss at work upsets you; do you kick the dog, moan at the goodlady, become grumpy to the children, get drunk, or if your are female, crash the car?<br />
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"We are but the stuff that dreams are made of." Willie Shakespeare.

Great story, and a great mug to see every morning with that first awakening coffee!

Inspiring story. Great the way you described how you wanted to find yourself.