I'm Losing Interest In My Biggest Passion. Music :(

I'm afraid I want to fill the void with something that will take up as much time, and something as meaningful as playing music used to mean. It's kinda heartbreaking knowing that I don't play much music anymore. I feel so hollow and am losing enthusiasm for something that used to mean a lot to me. It's like part of me wants to quit music, but another part wants to keep playing. I just don't have inspiration anymore. I've ran out of it. I try picking up my guitar, but set it down after a few minutes. I used to play up to ten hours a day. I feel dry, and am neglecting my guitars. I am wondering if any of you have suggestions as possibilities to devote my time to. Something powerful.
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

I'm going through an identical phase, only not with playing an instrument, but with producing music. I've had this before and it'll pass eventually.

What you have to understand in music is that aslong as you never quit or distance yourself from the part of your identity that revolves around music, you'll always end up one step further than where you are right now.

It really works that way. Another thing is that if there are stressful things going on in your life, you cannot express your creativity fully. It'll feel blocked.

On a slightly more practical note; try different things, like how some artists place their guitar flat on their lap.

Hope you pull through. :-)

I have pulled through. Recorded four songs this weekend.