My True Self

I always feel that something is wrong with my life,  there is something missing, am not what I am and most of my relations, behavior and activities are not what I want. all the time, I feel that I am searching for me and cant find it 


am really tring hard to find my way to my true self. I know it is somewhere very close.

MyAllMaha MyAllMaha
26-30, F
3 Responses Aug 4, 2007

What you are Looking for is inside you, and it is called the light , but darkness also gets in us and keeps us from finding that light and keeps attracting us to other dark forces in other people. When we break out of this cycle then we have a true connection with ourselves and all that is good around us. We then can handle the bad by not being influenced by it. Great peoples through out history have found this and i only recently did :) It is peaceful and gives understanding to everything you see :)

How did you fall?

Who we are is really the most important question we have to discover. I appreciate your quandry as I'm still searching for who I am too...<br />
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You know, I've been so many things... soldier, businessman, then a successful businessman, horseman, farmer. Then the fall... Oh well, here I am back at the start trying to discover who I'm going to be now.<br />
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I guess maybe the secret is to learn to cope if not accept who you are at a given time since we tend to evolve as our circumstances change.