I Wish My Story Had A Title

ive always been the happy type of person that brings out positive energy out of everyone. then there came a point in my life when i started changing in behaviour, i started being so carefree and crazy. but worst of all i had lost all vision and i had no dreams no goals whatsoever, i was so disoriented all i did was drink and party and got involved with all the wrong people and hurt my family especially my mother. i then lost my father in a tragic car accident and got kicked out of school that same year. i was then forced to go to boarding school. in boarding school my behaviour changed completely and i rose to the top again, i was top student and in my matric year i also met the love of my life. things went great and all but now im in university and i feel like i dont know who i am, i dont know what i like and ive losy interest even in my school work, hell i dont even have a favourite colour, nothing seems to appease me. it hurts because i feel hopeless, worthless and useless and i need to find myself.......sooon
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

thank you hey i wish you all the best in all you do

feeling the same as you. Wishing you a change in your life.