So Where To Begin...

I came here to find a haven to tell my story, to vent my feelings, and confusion... I came to be able to shamelessly share myself. Here where no one knows my face, no one I know will know it's me, and I can share my secrets... It's very hard as I'm sure many of you know to be completely honest with yourself at times, let alone anyone you know, so here I am to share with strangers, where I'm less likely to be judged. Where people's knowledge of my secrets and people's opinions on it can't harm my day to day life. I am maybe not a girl anymore, but I am on one hell of a journey to discovering the woman I will one day find in myself and become. I find myself doing a lot of searching, what I'm searching for I'm not as sure of, so I find I'm analyzing myself, the things I believe in, I'm discovering much about myself that of course only rouses more questions... I feel maybe that if I share with you, "the world" or if no one reads it and I just get to write it out, get it out of me and onto paper, I just think it will help me come to some conclusion... Either about myself or at least maybe to define what questions I should even be asking... This is sort of an introductory post as I'm not sure where to start, so in these upcoming posts prepare for a lot of random things, mood changes from post to post, topic change also very random, pointless ramblings and tangents mid post, and other such madness throughout my story. I will be back on site to start this off right and proper tomorrow, adieu for tonight ~ M
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You have begun, and with a better understanding than most who stumble across this place. There is a freedom of expression in anonymity and value in feedback from those, not in your social circle and family. Yes, people do and will read what you put here. Good luck.