I Keep Trying

So at long last, I am coming to terms with getting my heart broken again.  I deleted his number from my phone; I deleted all his e-mails.  Sadly, that is all I ever have of us.  I know this is an indication of where we were: nowhere. 

I miss him a lot, and it has only been a month.  I hate feeling this way, so helpless. 

I thought about trying to remedy these awful feelings by going on a date.  It is not what I expected.  My date was handsome and made great conversation.  He was intelligent and even a good kisser.  I was slightly distracted, and as we kissed good night, I find myself craving and missing "his" kisses.  I want to let go, but it is so hard to do. 
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2007

Unfortunately it takes time to get over a broken heart. The best thing I've found I can do is keep myself busy and try not to dwell on what "I" did (because generally it wasn't 'me'/'you' in this sort of situation) but rather reflect on who I am and what I need, want, deserve, etc.<br />
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Eventually, you begin to feel 'lighter' - the best way I can describe it - and as if you have resolve, closure, etc. on the previous relationship. Then and only then are you really 'ready' to re-enter the dating pool. Otherwise, it's not fair to anyone involved because you will only continue to compare them to 'him' - rejecting them for not being enough like him (not being him) and torturing yourself with what you no longer have - not realizing what's in front of you that you 'could' have might well be so much better for you...<br />
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I wish you the best with this.

ugh *shakes icky feeling away* sadly, it doesn't work...maybe it's like a skin we have to shed, maybe with patience and time it will fall away...neither of which i feel i have!