Brotherly Love ........

I have an older brother 8 years in fact .....  I see him about once every 2-3 months  when I visit him of course !!! We don't really have any interests in common , were never close growing up , Christmas I pick the presents and paper etc for my sons take to my brother he just about wraps it , gives me the money and well that's it happy christmas ...... My sister tells him a birthday coming up and yup a card with money , o and yes we have to collect it , despite staying about 3-4 miles away. Pheeeeew !!! Brothers ........... does anyone one else have a brother like this ?

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Tap a nap wise owl ...... really can be very frustrating and painful some days. I never thought of myself as being any better or wiser and yet there they are.. taking from and throwing it at me all at the same time.Okay... I think I need a nap now......<br />
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Thanks for understanding Salar.

It,s strange Lady but we have no choice in the matter the keepers of secrets , dispensers of wisdom the givers of advice rarely taken, the listeners but still we are chosen by the siblings to be the alternative point of view at times like two magnets never to meet always to come just so far , but still they come and unloaded their life,s injustices

I am the oldest of seven children three are alcoholics, one thinks the sun rises and sets on herself and two others are just fine..... me I'm the oldest and was told once by my siblings that I don't count and my father told me I was too stupid to take care of myself.

as kids my siblings and I had a lot of aggression that was unhealthy and we took it out on each other. My brother was always the strong mean one, and my sister was always the pretty and cute one. As the middle child I am the one with wisdom.

Today... I do Salar....sorry to say. I'm tired of being the one who doesn't know what I'm doing and yet they come to me to fix their problems.

Now lady iam sure you dont mean that ......

I have TWO...and a father..... and one of my sisters..... and a sister-in-law.... I could do without.. if only they would do without me.

It is strange A.... what we percieve an older brother to be , in my experiance I could never find an understanding of my brother to the point that he is the elder brother and I am the big brother the one that my sister will ask adivce from .....

I can't explain what it is I feel about my brother salar.. Growing up he beat the hell out of me every single day to the point i was getting blood all over the floor. He was bossy, and I had such an anger toward him, but we shared a room as children, and I felt protected while he was around. He has always been the strongest person I ever knew. If I was strong enough there would of been times that I would of killed him. I feel like no one has the right to hurt him other then myself, and he feels the same way about me. <br />
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In recent times, he is my most important family member. I care more about him and my sister then anyone else, and we get along well now without problem.

Tch Tch D ....<br />
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Strange B the dynamics of the relationship we call family ...

There are stories I could tell that maybe only you would beleive - lol<br />
For the most part, I ignore him. Being family should never be a pass for treating people like crap.

Familys what do you do with them ..... B

My brother came over last Christmas, brought rolls and butter and took the leftovers back with him - lol<br />
He has three teenage kids that could eat a buffet out of business. Yes....I totally know where you are coming from.

As they say T you can pick your friends ......

I have a brother that I struggle to get along with . <br />
We are like chalk and cheese.<br />
We have a very different perspective on things and react quite differently to family stuff and everything.