Still don't know how I got here. Typical I guess, he came after me, said they were over, crazy love. They went as far as talking to a lawyer and then one day something happened and he went back. I didn't know. I had a feeling they were back together, but every time I asked he said it's just kids, kids, kids. Last week I saw some texts between them and it was clear they are still together. Once I knew, I couldn't continue. So 2 days ago I called it off. Now I'm dying. Can't eat, can't sleep, can't work. Can't stop crying. He's sticking to NC because 'it's better for me' I guess he figured now is easier than continuing to hurt me since he's not sure. He just deleted me out of his life. I guess I'm hoping he will come back one day. That he will see the light and will end things there and will come back. Don't know how to move on. Can't.

So I guess I was wondering if that ever happens. Has anyone ever got their MM back for good? Maybe those people are happy and are not here to share their stories. Maybe someone knows someone who was an exemption to the general rule 'men don't leave'.

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Just delete him outta your life like he did you. It's the only way honestly. Don't put yourself through it all again and again and... it'll just keep happening and usually the way you get a lartner is the way you lose one so he'll probably do it again anyway

You poor thing - it is so terribly painful. My mm suddenly blocked me from everything with no explanation. I thought I would never get over it. But to cut a long story short 6 months later they split up & he contacted me - he actually wanted to marry me. I did try & we dated, but the feelings had died. You can & you will move on - it's just time sweetheart. I wish my story had a happy ending - I only fell in love with someone who was separated but then went back to his wife! And stupid me carried on seeing him! So I'm back to square one, but knowing I got over the first one does give me strength. I really hope that the pain lessens soon x

my MM went back to his wife as soon as she found out about our affair. he deleted me out of his life. like I never existed. our affair made their marriage stronger. I'm trying my best to move on and dealing with the fact that he is never going to leave her and come back to me. its a hard pill to swallow, but we have to do our best to move forward and keep the past in the past. I feel you're pain.