Get It Right Or Get Left

Healing. Not by some magical spell. No full-proof formula.
But working on myself, being honest, and communicating.
Learning to tell you that things must change or improve,
Without sounding like a leaky faucet.
Learning to give you credit for the things you do right as well as the the things you don't.
Healing. Not by avoiding the things that feel awful-
Like the risk in believing you when you explain why.
Like accepting the fact you will not be home at 6:15 everyday after work.
Learning to let go of what happened and build something new.
Learning how to encourage you instead of nag.
Learning how to challenge you instead of demand.
Healing. Exchanging the bitterness and anger for a broom, scrub brush and some bleach.
Learning to let the music play loudly instead of sitting the silence with ugly thoughts.
Learning to accept when you try to do something nice for me instead of ruining it with angry, accusing, mistrustful words.
Refusing to be consumed by a mistake (no matter how many times it was made)
Refusing to be a broken home.
Refusing give up just because things are hard.
Refusing to have anything but unconditional love.
If you choose to come along, my heart will sing.
If you choose to stay behind, my heart will sing a different tune.
But I realized...that if I choose to change, my heart will sing.
But if I choose to stay behind, my heart will sing a different tune.
I'd rather not sing a sad song on the account of me choosing to be a victim.
b4realz b4realz
31-35, F
2 Responses Nov 28, 2012


Thanks. You sound like me on a good day. I hope we can encourage one another!