How This Woman Wants To Be Loved...

When I say that nothing is wrong, hold me until I can tell you without exploding.
When the kids wake up at night, get up with them to give me a break from having taken care of them all day.
When I cook a great meal, wash the dishes.
When you hear me crying, come and hold me.
When we wrestle and play fight, let me win by having the last lick.
When you see me all dressed up, tell me I'm sexy.
When you see me all "dressed down," tell me that I'm beautiful.
When you come home from work, talk to me.
When I'm mad or have an attitude, make me laugh.
Let me sleep in every once in a while.
Be passionate with me, I need to feel that you want me and not just want to ***.
Treat me gently and tenderly, and the ferocious mynx that you desire will come out.
Never stop singing to me, I love your voice.
Never stop helping me lift things that are too heavy, no matter how independent I act like I am- I need my superman.
Never stop asking me for a bite and then taking half of my food.
Never reject when I give you me- my heart, my time, my words, my body or any other gift.
Never change the way that you walk, it turns me on.
Always let your jeans sag just below your waist line to tease me.
Always keep your creativity and spontaneity, I love your surprises and the thought you put into taking me out.
Always expect me to steal your drink.
Always remember how many ways you've been my first: first kiss that I enjoyed, first relationship that lasted longer than a year, first son, and more...
Always tell me how you feel, never assume that I don't want to hear it.
Always pray for me and pray with me, never assume that you aren't the man of God you were intended to be.
b4realz b4realz
31-35, F
2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

You are such a lovely wife !
He's lucky to have you !

That sounds like a very reasonable request.