My Wife Get Over With Her Jelous Behaviour

she was one night asking me to discuss matter regarding our marriage after she caught me having an affair with women, and at the same time telling me that she love me but have no choice but to go on our seperate ways. what she meant was to get divorced.

I was surprise at what she was suggesting and i asked for the reason as to what she make that kind of decision. Her answer was simple and was to the point. " if you want to **** around and enjoy some other women's ****, I also want to enjoy some other men ****. As at that moment i was not in the mood to argue,i simply answered " ok,why not" and let's talk about it tomorrow night" she still want to discuss the matter, and told her let's make make love and not war tonight, she just kept quiet for a few minute and said that he want to ask one small question, and i said ok. she asked me weather i allowed her to be **** by other guy, and promise me that she will get **** with me together and she will only **** men of different race not with the malay man. my answer was ok, thinking that she just want to test me or to make me jelous. we end by she gave me a very nice **** and ever allowed me to **** her *** for the first time, after 3 years of marriage.
manlunchai manlunchai
51-55, M
Dec 9, 2012