The words of the song swirl around me.
They touch the places that long to be healed.
They touch the places that burn inside of me to be released
With their cool flame
Without knowing who I was or what I would be going through
She wrote this song for me.
She declared freedom over my life.
I open my heart and let the pain rush forth.
I had told him that I was hurting and he said "Let me take it from you."
So we laid down and I tried to give it to him
But he couldn't touch the place that hurt
I asked him to say his vows in my ear
He thought I had said vowels and I had to stop him and explain
And then he confessed that he couldn't remember them.
The pain that had hidden from him rushed forth.
At that moment I knew that I couldn't give it to him.
He knew as the confession left his mouth
That he had hurt me and that he didn't know how to give me what I needed.
We laid down to go to sleep and he apologized, told me he loved me, and held me
Wanting to cry tears of release, nothing came
A song began to play in my mind
And my heart reached out for it, desperate for the words
"My Redeemer has saved me from sin
My soul is awakened, I live
Free from what held me
Free from what fought me
Mentally You captured me
In my mind I am free
In my heart, if I am yours, I am free"
I get up and go downstairs.
Everyone is sleep but I need to hear this song.
"You can be free from bondage and healed from brokeness and full of joy, Be Free"
She begins to name the things that I need-
Bitterness in my heart
Dysfunctional relationship
Whatever you went through behind closed doors
Whatever demon it is you're wrestling with
Whatever it is you're going through
The mind games...
I need it all.
I turn the music up and make the exchange-
Bitterness for forgiveness
Bondage for freedom
Depression for joy
Anxiety for peace
I receive...I have a sound mind...I am FREE.
b4realz b4realz
31-35, F
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You are wonderful to me.