To Much

The pain is to much I hardly can hold my self together I really just want to end it
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i have just recently found out my partner of 20 years had an affair with a woman from half way across the world the used to play cards on Facebook and it started from there he went to Melbourne for his usual football trip normally he goes for 3 days but for some reason he went for 6 days unknown to me he met his internet friend from America there well 2 months latter i received an email telling me they where friends first then best friends then lovers and because he wouldn't move to America she thought i should know he was a cheater he says it was only for sex as we had been having problems at home it has rocked my world i tried to end it my heart is shattered i dont know what to do some days are wonderful but others oh god i just want to wend it . it haunts me i have nightmare i can see her face any advice anyone can give me gratefully appreciated

I'm married and was cheated on several times and he had three outside kids and possibles I've never cheated on him and had lie detecter to prove it, I felt just like you the pain was unbearable thoughts of not being good enough and lookin in the mirror and saying am I ugly what is it or am I doing something wrong let me tell you I cried a many night do you here me, it's not worth it don't badger yourself when u end it u will be dead and he will still be living, I admit I chose to stay that's up to u but I matured and got older and once he saw he was about to loose me he did a three sixty(got married young) but I love him dearly and didn't give up trust issues can be a lil iffy, but hey we made it and you can to.

You are too important to so many people to end your life because of your husbands affair!
His affair is a statement about him, not you! Don't give up! What you want is relief from the pain not the end your life. There is a difference between the two. I am available to talk if you are interested

Thank you I have good day and really bad days ! He told me before I let him move back in he would be sportive and understanding but what a bull it was ! I'm so dam tiered of the fights and I miss him when he is gone but when he is home I'm so sad and depressed I don't know what to do 20 years went to crapp in a blink of on eye