Still Suffering

Just under three months ago, purely by chance, I discovered love emails that were written by my husband to a woman he works with. There's no point expressing to you all the incredible and beautiful history of our marriage and friendship or the strong relationship we had/have, our wonderful children and the fact we do communicate really well. Never once did I not trust him. But it happened to us. He was tempted and failed. His affair ended the day I found out. I have no need to share any more details. Just know that I know the shock, pain, anger, hurt and utter sadness that this incredibly selfish relationship causes. I've joined this group in the hope that I will continue to heal and that it can be an outlet as my husband is the only person in my everyday life I can and want to talk to about this.
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

I am going through exactly the same as you. I thought our love was strong and never dreamt there was a problem but found txt from him to a work colleague on a new iPad. He didn't realise that his mobile was synced to our iPad. He had also ended the relationship and changed jobs. He says he can't bear the thought of losing me and made a mistake!! I want our marriage to work but think about his affair every day.

I'm five months out from finding out about my husbands two affairs and sex addition. We are both committed to repairing our marriage, but I know exactly how you feel. We have a two year old daughter, and a baby due in July(very unexpected). We dealt with infertility issues for a year before a friend caught him having sex with his co-worker. Obviously from there, I did not want to get pregnant until I felt some trust coming back, but then again maybe I let the intimacy come back too soon. Feel free to message me or reply if you want to talk. I know I've felt more depressed, angry, hurt, and alone than I've ever felt in my entire life. I'm hoping this can be an outlet and healing tool for me as well. I want and believe I can have a fully repaired and better than ever marriage, but I can relate, the pain is indescribable.