Trying To Get Over The Pain Of My Husbands Affair

Well, throughout the year of 2009 we have been hanging around this couple. It was my husbands best friend and his wife. I really didnt care much for her, but I put up with it because I liked my husbands friend. On new years eve 12/31/2009 we went out with them along with my kids and there was some drinking. I  however did not drink. Went we got home about 2 AM I noticed my husband in the bathroom for a long time. I opened the door and he was texting someone. I kinda blew it off at that moment, but the flags were up. I then started checking up on him. On January the 11th, something told me to check his phone and I found a text message again. It was to his best friends wife. I woke him up and of course tried to deny it. It was never sent so it went to his drafts. So I sent it to her, and of course she responded. So I kicked him out of the house. He still denied it was her, that he was talking to another woman. I didnt talk to him for a day, but I did call his best friend to give him a heads up. Of course he believed his wife when she said nothing was going on. So on January 13, 2010 (which is my birthday), my husband wanted to come over and talk to me. He had been drinking, so it was easy to get infor out of him. He finally confessed that it was her and it only happend once and that they met at a hotel on a Saturday when I was gone. Needless to say it was the worst birthday I ever had. He told me he had feelings for her. Well, I called the best friend the next day and told him everything. So he kicked his wife out. Then to learn later he took her back but is having a hard time getting over it. Long story short, I did take my husband back and it was great at first. But now, Im seeing signs of him going back to his old self and it makes me take two steps back. He doesnt want to talk about anything having to do with the affair, like I should just get over it. Im just really lost right now. Im angry. I just dont know If I should waste anymore days on him.

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Thanks you guys. Well unfortunately it hasnt worked out and since then I have filed for divorce. Dont know how smooth thats gonna go. But as for him, well he has since been talking to two other married women. I guess he will figure his life out one day.

It was the same thing for was great at 1st having him confess and be sweet and kind , what a ******* joke within a month he was back to acting like an *******

There is a saying that the leopard doesn't change it's spots. I find that true with men. I know that people can change but a cheating man will most times grab an opportunity to cheat. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy. I hope that things get better for you...with or without him.

I hope things work out for you.