Hebrews 4:17 I'm Calling Things That Are Not As Though They Where

It hasnt happen yet!
I am still waiting for the day to come.
Sometimes it just seem so strange to think about it.
I guess because I have thought about it a hundred thousand ways
I wish I had another baby to raise, I can hear the laughter how fun they can be
The moment of joy and the memories.
I can see the tiny hands and feel the soft fresh smell it
What is more I think its a new person I never seen before that will be mines.
You cannot hug them and cuddle them too much
You cannot be too kind to them and gentle.
I want have to worry my husband for his time, I will have a new friend one to keep
me company. I feel this is one of my greatest reason why.
See, when you have a baby you can love it as much as you please.
No limits and it gives me a great sense of joy being depended on.
My baby would desire my love, company presence wouldnt get sick of me at least for a few years
When children get older they start there own life sometimes they
don't give a desiring to be loved parent they time and focus as much.
They a too busy living their own life then.
Besides after a child gets a certain age the love shifts to a different level you
have to let them go in a sense, so it's sooo important to love children when they are small
when you are responsible for their care and up bringing!
Everytime! It is not no time I dont see a baby or young child
no matter what color my heart just pounds inside I wish I had one!
LOving someone elses child is not quite the same.
I tried that most people get jealous and over protecting showing me I am not the parent
not to get to into their child because child take to me because they can feel the love and the strong urge
from me to love them.
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
May 14, 2012