Aunt Flo Paid Me a Visit This Month...

Aunt Flo paid me a visit this morning. So disappointed! I was hoping after 4 months I'd be having a bun in the oven. It's so frustrating! (Last year, we tried for 9 months and still did not get pregnant!) My OB/GYN told me on my last visit, that if we're not pregnant by the fall, then to make an appointment to see him and see what we could do improve chances of becoming pregnant.

Well, how about now?!! My MIL would be just so happy if she knew we were having infertility issues! I will be so, so, so freaking angry and hurt if my SIL winds up pregnant before us! We're celebrating our 5 year anniversary next week and she and her husband have just celebrated their 1 year anniversary in November!


Goingnutsdaughterinlaw Goingnutsdaughterinlaw
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2 Responses Jun 20, 2008

Goingnuts, We have talked about this before. I feel your pain! It will happen for both of us...I will be going to a specialist at the end of summer once hubby and I have new ins plan. I am setting a time line once I talk to him. I want it so badly too. I dream of holding my little angels fingers in my hands! It breaks my heart every time someone tells me they are pregnant and I want that so badly. I can tell you that I am not a jealous person about money, beauty or anything else EXCEPT the whole baby thing. I can feel that I am meant to be a mother...its like an emptiness you can not explain.

I will keep that in mind JWP! :) Thanks! We're leaving in a few days! I've packed oh so naughty and fun things....just to turn the heat up in the budoir! ;)