Any Ttc Teens?(teens Trying To Conceive?)

;D Calling all TTC teens!!!! , (no judgement,Criticism,Trolls Are Not welcomed here, Rude comments will be ignored.)

If you're a teen trying to get pregnant Share your experience.You are not Alone in the quest of Becoming a Teen mom.Need a TTC partner or friend?Advice, Tips,Answers to your questions??Then you've come to the right post!

Share your amazing journey And Tell me your Path. You can message me, This post is for All TTC teens,To Share whatever they feel. Symptoms, Ideas, Methods they've tried, Position's used.Anything!

Let me Introduce Myself, Hi I'm Anna,I'm 17 years young and I've Been TTC for 12 months.I First Started having Sex with my fiance At 16, i wasn't trying then.( I wish i would of). I went on Birth control December of 2011,, And since January I've been TTC.I was only on the Depo shot for 1 month, then i stopped getting it.Me and my Fiance used Preseed and it didn't work for us, we also used Fertility Vitamins to boost chances of conception.We both went to the doctors to get checked out and they told us nothing was wrong with us, we're both perfectly healthy.I brought a speculum Offline to check my cervical mucus and position and used ovulation predictor kits.We got our test from dollar tree because they're cheaper and they're pretty accurate.It was a long journey for us, Sex started to become less enjoyable.My mom told us we have to Stop Planning and let it happen.So we did.Starting from october 2012-November we started eating more healthy, we went Vegan for awhile and stayed away from all Soda and Sugary junk food.It was sooo hard to do.his time when We had sex we did it mainly doggy style instead of missionary.Instead of just putting a pillow under my bum to make the ***** stay in, i Did that and tried to put my legs over my head And a handstand on the wall.and Bingo! i noticed something.Usually the ***** would come out of me but this time it didnt!!!! everything stayed in.We did that from November 19th to the 30th and I started having cramping and bloating and throwing up.And to My surprise My period did not come.I took a test on the 8th and got a Faint BFP!!!! I'm holding out untill the 20th to test again. So fingers crossed! Lots of prayer and baby dust to all *~*~*~* :)
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I really wanna have a baby with my bf of 4 months... We have had sex and all that.... What ways can I achieve getting pregnant.... I'm 17 and he's 16... 17 next month... Proms in two weeks... The bad part I feel like he's ignoring me right now... But I really want a baby... How did everyone's people react? Boyfriend? Etc? Why do I feel this way!? I don't want to disappoint my people... But my bf and I were like met to be and we've talked names and everything... Is it bad I want a baby!

And he doesn't know I feel this way! I know we would make adorable kids... But if we do conceive I'm scared of our parents reactions

I realize this post is 2012 but hey why not reply.
Im 17 turning 18 soon my fiancée is 18 in a week we've been ttc for almost 11 months now. I got pregnant when i was 15 with the guy i was with at that time i miscarried and ever since then ive been terrified that i cant conceive we have names picked and everything fully stable ive done my schooling at home since 2015 sept. And we have support we've tried absolutely everything and im to scared to go to a doctor for them to tell me i can't have kids thats my biggest fear. Any tips?

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Hi i really want to become pregnant before i was on birthcontrol i was having unprotected sex and still didnt get pregnant ( yes i had normal periods) then i end up getting on the depo shot nd being on there for a year i am off now its been 4 months since i was suppose to get my last shot... for like 2 weeks now my breast been really tender nd sore i took a pregnancy test nd it came back negative and i really want a baby and it scares me that i cant have one.

I've been TTC for nearly a year now and suffered an ectopic pregnancy a few months ago, any advice would be really welcome at this point. I had an ultrasound in November and they said everything looked good so not sure what to do now really x

Great you are all trying I'm 36 but when I met my wife she was 17 and I was 28 and she and I hit it off and wanted kids so three kids later we are looking to have one more lol but with another girl to join us :)

Hello my name is Ali and my boyfriend and I have been trying for 6 months and sadly nothing has come along. I was wondering if any one would give me any pointers on making sure that I am fertile, because I have had a miscarriage about a year ago! And I am starting to worry about not being fertile from it! Anyone Please!?

We I'm 17 and want to start trying with me secoundbaby

hi y'all! I'm 17, just starting to try to conceive with my boyfriend of 15 months, again. he is 18, he will be 19 in June! last summer, when we had only been dating around 6 months, we had a pregnancy scare, so we started to plan for the baby. when we found out I wasn't actually pregnant, we both admitted to be disappointed. that's when we started trying for the baby. I'm not sure how long we tried for, but we didn't have any luck. we both were very upset by this & found ourselves in tears many times (& he is not the kind of guy to just cry at nothing!). he then had to go to college out of state, & we decided to just wait until we were older. he transferred to a local college a couple months later & a series of unfortunate events involving our parents trying to keep us apart (they found out about my tattoo of the date he & I started dating, & that we had been ttc) happened, along with both of us dealing with depression & trying to find ourselves. we are in MUCH better places now & recently have started discussing ttc again.. we tried a lot last summer & nothing happened, now summer is rolling around again & my goal is so be pregnant by august! I am very excited about this whole process because I have always wanted to be a mother, I am very mature & have a lot of experience dealing with children, especially babies (ages newborn - 1 & a half, I practically raised my baby brother). my boyfriend, however, is a little on the fence. only because he wants the absolute best for me & wants me to be a stay at home mom & not have to work a bit (which I don't mind doing!)! he wants to be able to fully support me & my child & give us both the life I never had growing up. this is a little hard for him to do right now, because he recently had to drop out of college due to personal things that he was battling with. he wants to get a really good job & make sure our child will be WELL taken care of. he is thinking things over.. meanwhile I am doing my research about everything from how to increase pregnancy chances to pregnancy dos & don'ts to how to be the best mother I can be! I am getting really excited.. I just hope he makes his mind up that this is what he wants right now! & on a side note.. I am not judging, just giving my opinion.. I have read some girls on here say they wish they had a boyfriend so they could ttc or they are just ttc with anyone.. just make sure you find the right guy before you try! you want your child to have the best possible life, that includes their father! I don't think I would ttc with anyone at this age, besides the guy I am currently with.. he is the love of my life! he is my "home" & we are both just so blessed & excited to spend forever together! make sure you make the right decisions ladies, really think your choices over beforehand. so my question to y'all & any other teens ttc is, what methods have y'all used to get pregnant (positions, techniques, fertility vitamins, etc) & do y'all have any advice for me & my boyfriend? thank y'all! best of luck y'all! xoxo

Hi girls! So my partner and I of 2 years are wanting a baby. I'm 17 and he's 18... Are we crazy? I love children and always have. I want to become a primary school teacher when I'm older! I'm seriously inlove with little kids. We've been trying for a year now and no such luck... I'm too scared to go and see a doctor about infertility because I'm worried he'll say I'm way too young. Id seriously do anything to become a mummy! Can anyone help?!

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My name is Emily. I feel kinda crazy, because my boyfriend and I are ttc and I am only 15. 16 in January. We are having no luck whatsoever. I need help and advice.

I'm 15 with my birthday in January too!! I just started trying this month. I hope you get your baby soon😊

Hey, I'm Cheyenne. my boyfriend of two years and I have recently decided to ttc. I have to wait 2 more days to test and I'm so hopeful! I've been taking prenatals and trying to do everything right, and we had sex every day for 2 weeks straight around the time of my ovulation so cross your fingers for me! but I've had 4 miscarriages in the past (when I wasn't ttc) and I'm worried there might be something wrong but I don't know. and I'm finding it soooo hard to be patient while ttc that I'm getting stressed and I know that's not healthy for the baby :( any advise on how to relax or anything else? this is such an exciting but stressful time and I just want to be pregnant so badly :( I know I'm ready to be a momma!

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hi my name it Amber and i am also 17 ttc me and my fiance have been trying for 13 months and had one mc. it just doesnt seem to be happening for us i just wanted to ask if i went to the doctors and told them i wanted my fertility checked because im ttc would they be allowed to contact my parents about me ttc as i have told them. good luck to all of you ! x

I'm 17 and have been ttc for a few months now with no luck. It is so difficult to do a test and then i get my hopes up and its negative. Anyone got any advice to help me? Would be really grateful.

My boyfriend and i have been trying since november. 1 more week til my period is due. Otherwise i can take a test. (: text me people with all ur advice and stuff 4026374913 I dont get on here much

Hii! I'm currently 17 ttc with my fiance, we have been trying so far only a few weeks. Has anyone else found it so hard to be patient?!? I'm not a patient person to begin with and I want to know so bad if I'm pregnant :( my period isn't due till jan. 3rd so it's killing me. Haven't taken any ovulation test but according to my phone calendar I was ovulating the time we were trying. We both really want to have a baby it's so important to us! How can I keep my mind off the time any advice??

Anyone on here willing to chat? 17 will be 18 in summer. Boyfriend of a year just turned 20. We have decided to ttc and I couldn't be more excited. Not sure who to tell or how to explain it. I cannot wait to be a mommy!

Yayyyy , congrats !! Message me :)

I'm in pretty much the same position as you :) would love to talk some time :)

Hi, my name is Kell im 16 but will be 17 in march 2014 .. Me and my boyfriend are ttc in February 2014. But we're getting prepared now for the little one :)

Well we have been since last November , but nothings been happening so .. And we wanted it to possibly be a surprise for my birthday so ... But we're still trying '

Im 17.I've been ttc for seven months . Its so hard to pin point when I ovulate but I'm too nervous to get ovulation test

You could always order some online from Amazon. That's what I do with pregnancy tests. This means the packaging will be discreet and you can see what other people's experience with them is like☺️

I wish I could have a boyfriend around here so I could TTC

I am 17, and have a 2 year old son. My boyfriend and I would like to try for a second later this year!

17 single wanting a baby so badly I live in the uk nearish to Brighton I want to get pregnant ASAP if you wanna help Kik me @ wantababy1

I'm really young.. but I've always wanted to be a young mom. Its not a phase either. It's something I really want. No one supports me :/ can we talk?

My boyfriend and I want to get pregnant so badly! I can tell when I'm ovulating by my cervical mucous and my boyfriend is always ready to go. The thought of me being pregnant really turns him on. i love him so much and I want to give him a baby!

Haha, yes, we are actively trying. My period is due next week, so if it doesn't come (: (: (:

I am so wanting to get pregnant. But I'm not dating. I have one guy who is kind of wanting to date but I'm 15 and like you can't really approach a guy saying I want to have a baby lets start trying tomorrow. They'll get uber scared. And also I don't mind older guys, like 20-20something but you really have to think of their intentions. They might be a pervert and it's like so hard!!

I am 100% not judging here, but I will admit to being intensely curious!
I did everything in my power as a teen NOT to get pregnant. In my area and my culture it is frowned upon. Plus, my mom got knocked up twice in high school and having teenagers for parents made our lives pretty tough.
Obviously this is a ymmv situation. I assume if you are *planning* to get pregnant, then there is something in your lifestyle, family, culture etc that differs from mine. Like, if it is the social norm to get married at 15 and produce quickly, then you are probably equipped to be a parent then. Or if you were faced with a medical issue that required you to produce at a young age or face infertility, that would be another scenario that I could easily understand.
Do you guys mind sharing a little bit about why you are ttc at a young age? I am not judging, I am just truly fascinated by different people's lives and choices and I hope that you wouldn't mind sharing with me.

i am trying to conceive because I face then risk of not being able to in the future.

im 17, newlywed, and ttc with my husband. We started trying as soon as we got married. As long as we're marrried, we can try for a baby if we want!

Aww congrats ! I got married last year when I was 17 too! :) me and my husband have been TTC for 6 months nw but no luck