Fiddle Sticks :(

AGHHHHHHH!!(I'm sure im not alone so let it out with me ladies!) Right! I'm 24, been ttc for a year and three months, had a miscarriage in may (had another 4 years back with a diff partner). Only just feel like im stress free from grieving with the new year new start!! Anyhoooo my cycle is a very religious 33 days and i went the whole of December without AF rearing her ugly face, everything was perfect, AF was 6 days late!! (Me and my partner said no more HPT after our mishap unless we are more than 4 weeks late) oooh and my nipples are in agony. THEN BAM!! This morning AF is toying with me! Spotting!!! But you just know the rest is going to follow. Soooooooo disheartened! Feeling extra stressed at the moment as i have 9 pregnant friends and 3 that have just popped all without trying. It's so unfair!
Sorry ladies.. needed to get that out! It's the first time it's happened to me, as i said im so on schedule im more reliable than a bus.

Is it time to ask the professionals?
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Sorry its taken so long to reply lovelies! it turned out then my period lasted 3 days!!! i was really excited but then it was so very very painful and turned out i had a clot trapped in my cervix! absolutely gross :( My doctor advised me to stop trying and find a hobby to take my mind off it as stress can be an amazingly big factor when it comes to baby making. She said your body wont allow you to get pregnant if it is stressed as it is adding more stress. But baby fever is really hard to stop! once you want a baby then its time!!
oh and chin up Denand Dan, my friend she a had life threatening encounter with cyts on her ovary but a few months later BAM twins!! ;)

Good luck ladies and baby dust to you!! xx

I had the same happen to me this month. My baby fever is like through the roof!! Lol. So when my nipples were hurting my period was late, I started hoping and counting back on the calendar, then the very next day I started!!! Ugh!!

I really feel your pain :( i am nearly 24 and have only been trying for 4 months religiously, if that makes sense.
early last year i had pregnancy symptoms and it turned out to be a cyst on my ovary. apparently i get cysts that come and go which could make falling pregnant harder than most. Ive never fallen pregnant and i guess the cysts are making me really paranoid. most of my friends are married with kids. i guess when you hear peoples never seems to take long for everyone else :(. i really hope you fall pregnant soon and go on to have a lovely little baby :D p.s i would definitely seek advice from the doctor afterall we are still young and have time to have solutions.