My Mum Is Pregnant Before Me!

I'm Poppy, I'm 17 and got married on Christmas to the love of my life. We didn't come back with a honeymoon baby, which was disappointing, but its fun trying! I know its been less than a month we've been trying, but I want a baby! Ive been disapointed more lately because I just found out my mum is pregnant again. My mum just turned 39, and just found out yesterday that she's pregnan t again, due date is August 15. This is her 11th baby. (Irish travellers have a lot of kids, so this is very normal for us). Im so frustrated! I want a baby!
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

So in Ireland is it normal for 17 year olds to get married or is it just a special thing for you and your husband. I'm 15 and in Canada I want to get married so badly but no one seems to think it's a good idea.9

16 is legal age in uk