Finally Able To Really Try, But I Feel Like It Might Be A Long Haul

I cam off of depo last January. It took a year for my period to return. I had my first period and I *think* I ovulated this month (positive ovulation test, cervical mucous etc) and now I am just waiting. Waiting to see if I am pregnant, waiting to see if my body is back to normal, waiting to see if this is going to be harder than I ever thought.

I don't know how I'll handle it. I already hate all of the commentary from family/friends. "Oh your a [last name], you'll get knocked up if you take your shoes off!", "When are you and [husband] going to catch up with [brother]?"(who has five kids under 10 and another on the way), "You got married 8 months after [other brother] are you going to have a baby 8 months after, too?"
We haven't really shared that I went of birth control, let alone that we are trying. I spent the last year coming home crying after people said things like that. They mean well, I am one of 5, my dad's one of 7, my grandparents will have SIX great grandchildren born in 2013. I am terrified that I am the only one that didn't get the fertility gene.
usernamehater usernamehater
Jan 19, 2013