Been Waiting And Tryind!! Almost To The Point Of Giving Up.

My husband and myself have been trying to have a little family. We have been trying for 3 years now. We thought one time that i was for sure, But it of coruse it truns that i wasnt. It has been a hard long road, it still is. I have wanted to have a baby so bad that it hurts to think that it will never happene for me. My husband still thinks and hopes everyday that we will have a baby some day. Some days i think about trying not to want it so much but its hard. i think about it everyday.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

i noe its nit at all easy to have patience...i have and m on da same stage...i have taken many fertility pills yet dey din wrk as a wonder for me...but never mind Let us b postive widout any xpectation...da more u expect n hope if u dun get it..u fee disappointed

Your husband is right,there is still hope,although the doctor says there may be issues after a year of conceiving-so not true, so keep trying. My best friend thought she was infertile after several years of trying and gave up completely...and after seven years they conceived their first daughter, so do not lose hope... and sitting there daily thinking about it can bring on the big NO-NO when trying to get pregnant- STRESS, so relax, and be patient it will happen at the right time....