Prenatal Vitamins: Take Or Not?

My hubby and I have just started trying to create a little one within the last couple of months. This will be my first child and his second. I was wondering if I should start taking prenatal vitamins now to "better my chances" of conceiving or not? Some friends have told me that I need to... anyone taking the vitamins or know of anyone who had an easier time conceiving because of taking them?
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I'm also trying to conceive I went to my gynecologist just last week and he told me that, I have to get some testing done but he told me to take prenatal vitamins because that can help, by getting your body ready for A baby

My wife got pregnant the first time without them. It was a surprise to us. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. When we were told that it would be ok to try again, my wife took vitamins. I believe they were prenatal. Needless to say, she got pregnant and with twins. They were born last week. Talk to your doctor and see what he/she says about it.

I agree with BBC. I am not sure it will help you conceive but I do know that the folic acid is important to help avoid certain north defects. I take a prenatal vitamin every day still because it makesmy hair shinier and my bails grow faster. Good luck on your journey to become a mom.

I took pregnacare before trying to conceive! In UK it is recommended to take folic acid prior to pregnancy and during early pregnancy to prevent birth defects!

It took us a year to conceive and now we have a darling baby girl! But she is super strong and healthy, and I think the vitamins helped me during pregnancy also!

Don't be disheartened if you don't conceive straight away, sometimes it takes a while to get it right!