Im Still Trying

i really want to have a baby even though im only 20 i dont care  i just want to get pregnant. Not saying im going to go out and sleep around just to get pregnant no thats not me i dont care how bad i may want a child. I want me and my boyfriend to both want  this child & i want to plan this i just dont want to get pregnant and neither one us are ready. I say that because i dont believe in abortions so i would keep the baby regardless,but that is selfish to think of just me not him, not the child, just me and thats not fair.We have been talking about it alot and he says that he is ready but i told him that we have to have things so we can provide the best life for our son or daughter. He feels the same way and im glad that we could make an agreement about this, i hope this has not scared him away for me to tell him how bad i want a child. It feels great that i may get my wish before this year is up. I hope so cus he is hopping for one just as much as me and that makes it even better  for me because im not alone in my quest for my   (De'Zire) if you have not noticed i always say some thing about my dezire when im talking about having a child. thats what im going to name my daughter so thats why. thanxz for reading & comment or advice would be cool too i can take (food for thought) im a tough cookie so let me know the real everyone is intitled to their opinion so write back im up for learning anything new. thankz dezire08

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

You say that you don't want to be selfish but in reading some of your story you are already being that way. Ideally you should be married, financially secure, and have a solid foundation and stability before bringing a child into this world. You don't have that. If you've ever watched Maury you'd know at least some of the problems from having a child with a "boyfriend". Don't hurt a child like that. I don't care how old or young you are cause it's not about YOUR age. It's so much more involved in raising a child. I am speaking form experience and I'm suggesting that you DO NOT have a child until you know that you can do what needs doing financially and emotionally and right now you don't have that. You'll regret it and then what.