In Hopes Of One Chance!

all i ask GOD for is Just one chance to be a mother , to hear a heartbeat

 to experience 9 months of waiting to hold my baby , to hear someone call me mommy ,

to shop for baby clothes , to be a family , to go to the park , to help with homework , ive been TTC for

 5 years with irregular periods! i have NEVER used OPKS i really don't know how too . and i have never layed in bed for 5-15 mins after having sex

 with my DH (i heard that if you do that it helps i don't know if it is true) i have decided to give fertilaid a try , ive been taking the product for 4 weeks and 4 days . i heard successful stories about them but i dont know if it would happen to me , i am very skeptical . I am so tired of trying anf trying UGH i just want to give up . its a hard and long journeyy =/ so painful and heart broken . i feel worthless everyone around me is having babies but i am so WORTHLESS that i CAN'T!!!!!!!

inHopeOfOneChance inHopeOfOneChance
22-25, F
2 Responses Apr 4, 2010

I think at some point or another I have felt all of those things. They are truly horrible feelings. I hope peace and happiness find us all.

I feel your pain!! I feel I've done everything HSG, IUI, Clomid, Ovulation Kits and nothing not a dang thing!! It's so hard when everyone around you seems to be getting pregnant and not you... I feel that why too.... I hate that am the only kid of my mom's the oldest, been married the longest and bare NO kids!! My folks have 9 grand kids totally and is waiting for ours to make it 10... As I sit here typing away my face boiling for everyone telling me when are you guys going to have kids, you guys need to hurry up your clock is ticking.... Oh how I hate that!!! After all the times I tell ppl look we've been trying it hasn't happened God will give us our baby when he knows we're ready now leave us along please.... I'm getting really tired and feel less then a women, cause I can't bare babies and it hurts when you see ppl that don't try get pregnant on the dime... I feel like it's never going to happen and I feel like my husband will get tried of waiting around for us to get pregnant... This is very sad and I feel hopeless in being a woman and wife... :(