Trying To Go Vegan, Too!

I'm trying to go vegan -- went cold turkey off meat, dairy, eggs, fish almost 3 weeks ago and feel GREAT. Eating tons of raw veggies, hummus, beans, tofu, fruit and loving it. Running into bumps, though. Everything is fine when I cook -- my husband will eat the vegan chili, etc, with no complaint. However, if he gets home earlier than me, he does the cooking and it's meat. Not a problem if the meat is by itself with side dishes (I just eat the sides). But sticky when he makes an all-in-one dish--last night he made shrimp scampi, which contained butter and shrimp. I ate it since I didn't feel like getting into an argument (he doesn't see why I want to go vegan since I am reasonably healthy already), but I don't always want to do that. On the other hand, I can't rush home everyday to be the first to cook. Plus, he is really trying to be helpful by cooking -- he just doesn't totally get the vegan thing (he thought shrimp was vegan). I guess it will be a long process with some negotiation....
drdoll drdoll
Sep 15, 2012