Hello all, so I posted here a few days ago that I was trying to go Vegan. I have been off all meat products, eggs fish and dairy except for a few squares of chocolate for 5 days now. It's going great. I do seem to be hungry today but I'm thinking it' more psychological than physiological! I'm reading a lot about Raw Food Vegans and this seems to make so much since. I'm not ready for that yet though, maybe eventually I'll get there. I think you need to be emotionally strong, feeling confident, not depressed and full of energy to cope with being a Vegan in public etc and so got now I'm doing just vegan because I know I'll be feeling better following this and after a time I'll be able to tackle the world asaRawFooder. Any other raw food vegans out there?
restartnow restartnow
31-35, F
Apr 5, 2015