Loving A Dream Baby

I am 22 and have one kid of my own. She is five years old now. My Fiance is 39 and has four kids of his own 14,12,10 and 5. We both want to have another baby. Well he wants one more im not done yet =) I guess its just in my genes my grandma had 12 kids! I have been raising kids since I was 16, My sister left her kids and it was up to me for a while. Long story but now its just mine and my Fiances kids. Anyway I had a dream last night (cant remember all of it) But it was about a beautiful baby girl! (I keep saying he in my dream idk why) In the dream I felt like she was mine and my fiances baby and it was nice and peaceful (towards the end of my dream before the kids woke me up) But to start off with in the dream I only remember vague parts but I think she was taking from me from someone and I remember feeling upset and I went to hell and back to get my baby. And I did the last part of the dream my Fiance was holding her on our couch. I remember smilling and her smilling back at me. All through the dream she was a happy baby as long as she was in mine or his arms! What does this mean?? Please help I kind of feel a little lost and for some reason even though it was just a dream I have a part of me that wants my baby back!!
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I'm 20 n have 3 kids n want a lot more