My dad and I have always had trouble relating to each other because we are so different. He is a perfectionist and he thinks that everyone should be like him. I was far from perfect. We fought all the time. Just in the last few years we have started to get closer. I think he has finally realized that nobody is perfect and now accepts me for who I am flaws and all. He apologized for his part in our fights and the way he treated me. I've also learned how to let things go and not get bent out of shape when I don't like something that he says. I remember when I moved into my first out the blue someone delivered flowers and left it on the doorstep. I read the card and it said " I miss my little girl. I love you. Love dad," and that meant so much to me. I finally felt that he really loved me. That's when we began forming our new relationship.
howsab howsab
31-35, F
Jul 2, 2011