I Used to Be "Daddy's Girl"

I love my dad but i didnt realise that it is so difficult...

just under 1 year ago, my stepmum passed away. I moved in with my dad to keep him company but it is really arkward sometimes, like i dont know what to say... when i was younger, i kinda favoured my dad because i lived with my mum. he would come round weekends to take me out and we always went somewhere fun like the zoo. now im older and im living with him it is completely different.

btw i am 20 years old, any suggestions on what we can do together, apart from me cooking nice dinners for him??

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2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Maybe either of you don't get any sex at the present time. You are both old enough to know what to do about it!

My mom passed away 9 years ago and mine and my dad's relationship was garbage.<br />
I moved out about 2 years ago due to our conflicts.<br />
Now I've realized, the best way to bond with your dad is to just try things he enjoys. Watch the sports game with him or help with yard work. Ask him to go do some of the things you did when you were younger. He will love that because he'll feel like even though you're 20, you're still his little girl.<br />
I've found that the best way I bond with my dad is just saying, "How was your day?" And he really seems to like for someone to care enough to listen.<br />
Your dad probably really appreciates the fact that you're there each day while he's going through the grieving process. Just talk to him and see what comes of it.<br />
Good luck!