And It Is So Hard

 right now the hardest people for me to forgive would be Grace's other grandparents on her  dads side . They keep jumpin  in and out of her life . She hasnt seen them since the end of February . They called in April said they were gonna come and never showed up then called me a couple weeks later apologizing on my  answering machine . And then  i didnt hear from them til last week ... and grace cries for them daily ... last night she was cryin her lil eyes out ... and it made me cry cause it made me so mad ... When he called last week  i couldnt really talk cause she was right next to me . I want to call them and just tell them what their doin to her ...  i just dont know what to do about it . It doesnt seem like its getting any better with her crying about them its getting worse . I dont know what to do .
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
Jun 30, 2007