Hai! :d

I'm a total beginner since three weeks ago. ^^ I found some great sites to learn Japanese from, first and foremost these:



(For vocabulary, pronunciation, ear training, sentence structure, kana and kanji. No idea how they keep it free.)



(first in a long series)


Oh, and also, it's easily possible to enable japanese characters (both kana & kanji) on windows (and other platforms, but I only really know exactly how to do it on windows xp), so that you can type japanese letters/symbols with your standard keyboard. It's all in the control panel, you might be able to find it out intuitively. Google helps too. :) But if you still aren't sure and you have windows xp, feel free to ask me.

Also, if you're using smart.fm (formerly known as iknow.co.jp) for japanese study, let's add each other! Knowing that others are able to watch your progress is good for motivation. ;)

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Emphasis on "total beginner since three weeks ago." ;)