New 2013 Challenge Is Beginning Jan.1

This year has been so amazing and the Challenge has given me back the energy and motivation to really do big things this year; for myself and for others as well. Starting on Jan 1 2013 i am starting a Rock Your Body Challenge where i am going to not only lose weight but tighten and tone my abs for the first time in my life. Remember i am a 40 year old Nana but 40 is just a number and to me its Fabulous, I purchased a Ab Rocket Twister and i have my Transformation Kit from Body By Vi so i am soooo Ready for this, If you have ever wanted to join a Team that will give you the tools and the motivation off and online to achieve your Health and wellness goals, Team Green is waiting to welcome you. Whether you want to lose 10-20lbs and get fit and ready for Spring Break or you have more weight to lose and want something that works and a support team to help you get there. I am here and ready to get you results while achieving my own. If you want to know more about how to get ready for the Rock Your Body Challenge contact me and lets do this together. We are in Canada, USA and Jamaica currently but we are taking the challenge to the UK very shortly so if you are in the UK Be ready; we are ready to embrace you and help you get healthy and achieve your goals as well.

What does a day of my routine look like i blend a vi shake for Breakfast Today it was a Peanut Butter Cup Shake and just 200 calories and then i have a delicious chocolate chip nutracookie and my meabolism booster pill and another shake for Lunch( I have 100's of recipes and also samples) i do 10 sets of 5 reps with my 10lbs weights and i walk about 30 minutes a day Love the pug for this. I usually work out 30 min a day 3 times per week sometimes dance and sometimes MMA on my xbox kinect. If this sounds like fun it can be actually and my Pug loves the extra walks let me know would love to have more people join me. Together Everyone Achieves More T.E.A.M.
moneymom72 moneymom72
36-40, F
Dec 11, 2012