My Wieght Loss - Hope This Inspires People!

Around a year ago i was always about 143lbs as I'm just ove 5ft this was really a couple of pounds too many but I was comfortable with this I was curvy and looking brilliant and I then got a new boyfriend and got settled. After we finished I weighed myself I was 148lbs and devestated so I just stopped eating as much and moved a bit more. i am now 136lbs and although I want to lose a couple more I am even happier than before - it isn't that hard really if you have the support around you to do it xx

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3 Responses Jul 30, 2010

congratulations about your effort.. i just wanted to state that the perfect weight for someone is the weight that can make him feel alright with him/herself. i have had girlfriends that had some few pounds its not a big deal. people can be beatiful in many ways. also its nice and hot to be curvy where it counts ;)

keep up the good work

Congratulations! Support does make a difference.