Going To Change!

I tried on my favorite pair of jeans yesterday that I havent worn in almost a year and I knew they wouldnt fit but I needed to see it for my self thats when I said this is enough and a couple moths ago I talked to a lady named bev shes friends with my mom and she has lost alot of weight her advice to me is that its not a diet look at the first three letters in diet "die" its ment to fail she said its a life style change. So thats what Im doing Im changing my life style I have had enough I used to just eat what ever I want.. Im tired of it I cant even look at my self in the mirror naked it disgusts me I have been over weight my intire life Im 22 years old and over 300 pounds and I want to look the way I feel on the inside. Im sick of feeling like everyones staring at me or not being able to be confident in my self. Im hanging those jeans up in my kitchen so when I go to make my food choices I see them and remember why Im doing this. Im just doing little goals rite now my goal is to fit into those jeans by the end of september then after that Im going to find another piece of clothing thats to small and go for that. I WILL NOT LET MY SELF GET ANY BIGGER! I have always felt bad for myself and that is enough Im incharge of my own future and its going to be a good one! if anyone has any advice for me please post! I need all the inspiration and help I can get!
Jessyka88 Jessyka88
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

You are exactly right when you say that you are making healthy life long changes to our eating habits. When we hear the word diet we instantly think of something that we have to do for a little bit until we reach a point that we can stop. You are right we can't look at it that way. It's a fail switch. We have to look at it differently. That's the key to our success. Open your pantry and get rid of junk food, foods with ingredients you can't read, foods with high fructose corn syrup/ corn syrup, anything containing hydrogenated anything. Stock your cabinet with foods that do contain harmful additives and are high in protein or fiber. Eliminate white bread and white rice. Start by changing the type of food you buy & have available to you at home. That's a start :o)