18 And A New Life Change:

I have always been over weight for as far back as i remeber, even at such a young age i was always alot bigger than i should have been for my age. At age 18 i had a doctore tell me if i didnt change i wouldnt live to be 40. At 18 i was 5 foot 1 and 380 lbs. Its been two years and i am now still 5'1 BUT i am at 190 lbs. Almost 200 lbs i have lost. I still need to lose 5o more lbs to be at my goal weight of 140lbs. even after two years each day is still a up hill battle.. they say that if you dont eat bad foods for a while you wont want them. and altho  for some that may be true, i personally find it false for myself. I've struggled with a food addiction since i was a child and each day its still a battle. I still crave sweets and still have to fight with myself to keep eating right, and im sure i always will. However its a battle i wil never give up on. I've come to far to give up now, and i will struggle with it every day of my life if need be, if the struggle is what it takes to continue to better myself then i will do it. Each time i step on that scale and see im a pound closer to my goal it makes me feel that much better about myself. because it makes me realize how far i've come, how much i've learnd and i am one step closer to becoming the healthy person i deserve and owe to myself to be.
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

When I read stories like yours it just makes me feel embarrassed. I'm 5'8 and 139 pounds but I have a small chest. I'm sure you are GORGEOUS. <br />
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Congratulations; you are a great success and that is amazing -- how do you do it w/o crying yourself to sleep every night? I'm starting college soon and will probably take up swing dancing and eat more healthy (although I eat quite healthy now, probably just too many starches -- just gained a few pounds b/c it's summer). However, I don't think those changes will be enough. I'm about to start at a college I love and am proud of so many of my accomplishments but can't take my mind off of this problem I've had all my life. <br />
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I run but can't do it too much b/c I have a medical condition (epilepsy). I've tried to convince myself I like it but when it comes down to it I don't. I do love to dance -- you think that will help? What changes can I make in a college environment and still have a hell of a good time in college?