Weight Won't Budge!

Busy 39 year old mom of 4.  I quit smoking 6 months ago and gained about 10 pounds...I was already a little up in weight from having my last child.  I have been doing everything "right" with diet and exercise but I cant lose ONE POUND!!!  Had medical work up and everything is fine...hoped for  hypothyroidism...lol...HELP?  Anyone have success with any supplements?  I have not found anything that works...
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Maybe I can help :o) How often do you eat during the day? What are your meals like? Are you keeping track of the calories, sodium, or fiber content of your food. Do you drink soda or juices. How many hours do you go without eating? Do you ever skip breakfast? You say your a busy mom and I am too....Do you eat out a lot or do you make your meals at home? Have you ever given any thought as to the "triggers" that make you want to eat? Do you keep a journal of what you eat and the nutritional/calorie content? ~ I know lots of questions. I just want to help :o)

Just cut eating bread and carbo. Try that. Carbohydrates are so evil.<br />

Hello, I was just like you until I found a weight loss program. It not about dieting it is about nutrition and making sure that our bodies have what it needs. If you are interested, I can show you what I did. you can reach me at eulissa6@yahoo.com. It has been 1 year and I have not regain any of my weight. I feel healthier than ever and have a lot of energy.

I am pretty sure...I rarely drink soda, and if I do, only diet. I cant stand the taste of regular. I really am not a sweet eater at all....Ive watched calories, fat, carbs, etc...the pounds are being SO stubborn:(

Are you sure you have been doing everything right? I too battle weight. And one of the things that I found was really watching my soda intake and my sugars. You would be surprised at the hidden sugar in things. Stick more to water. And not only watching fat but sodium, calories and sugar. Its tough but I am charging ahead and you will get there. : ) Good luck