What i feared somewhat the most has actually happened to me. I BECAME FAT!!! omg.......... !!!  dang!! i use to be so skinny . Right now i'm not like overloading with fat all  over my body but i am getting  quite chubby. I just recently weighed my self and i really did gain 20 pounds just this school YEAR!! omg... AHHHHH

Ever since my boyfriend took up football he's lost so much weight. so he's an inspiration to me. just last year he looked so different. big hair. really big. right now. he's super buff and has large muscles and hair cut short. omg... just describing him .. wow. he's so hot!!!

Now, all i have to do is loose some weight so i can be this hot girl to match with him :D is it possible?? YES IT IS!! I BELIEVE IT SO!  hopefully!

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Haha I know, why do they call it the "Freshman 15"?? I always called it the "Freshman 40"! :-P

Ah yes! Sex is great cardio--and fun too! <br />
<br />
But I hear you--I have always had a tendency for extra weight and have fought it all my life. I finally decided that I am no longer "dieting", that I need to eat in a more healthy manner and that seems to be working---just VERY slowly. Now if I could only get in the exercise habit!

sex sex and more sex. cardio. : )

Where there's a will, there's a way! :D (Actually there are fifty million ways of losing weight and counting, but I guess the right way is to find the way that works for you, whilst making you healthier!)